Welcome to my Blog…

Where have I been all this time? I can hear you asking that…okay probably not. It’s been far too long and I’ve been out of touch hugely, but sometimes these things can’t be helped. I went through massive, life changing events that led me to where I am now. I can’t even begin to explain, maybe one day I will but for now…the past is in the past and that is where I plan for it to stay. I am now in a very good job, one I enjoy, and keeping myself fit, healthy and happy. In under two weeks I plan to do the London to Brighton bike ride for the British Heart Foundation (yes I am completely terrified but also excited) and once I’ve done that I’ll be looking for my next challenge.

I’ve also taken on studies to get myself a degree in English Literature and Language – something I never thought I’d be doing yet…here I am. So far, I’m not entirely happy with the course, but I’ve only completed one year so I’m allowing for the fact it is a part time course and is one I’ve taken on after years away from education. So in all fairness the first and second year may be more of an introduction into it.

So, what made me decide to start blogging again? Well…I guess it was the way I wanted to make use of the fact I can write, I love to write, and I miss it! I used to enjoy the blogging world, the community that came with it, and the fact I could open up about my opinions and just share my views with people and be myself. I strive to be completely honest about my opinions, I don’t like being false. I have – a long while ago – been made to feel like I wasn’t being true to myself and it came across stiff and wrong. That won’t be happening this time.

That said, I don’t intend for this blog to be completely beauty, travel, food, fashion or life related – more that it will be a bit of everything. A bit of me in writing and a glimpse of my world and what I get up to as well as my likes, dislikes and ideas. There may be times when I don’t have much going on and there may be times when I have lots to talk about – either way there will still be a post a week going up on a Tuesday evening for everyone to enjoy. And who knows, I might even start putting YouTube stuff up again…only a little differently this time.

You can find me on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat – I love having a chat and meeting new people so don’t be afraid to come and say hi. I look forward to throwing myself back in the deep end and speaking to you all very soon!

Lots of Love…
Becki xo